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During the month of March we were delighted to take part in a fantastic initiative organised by Special Olympics Ireland – a Virtual Sport Competition.

Lots of our students took part in the motor activities and athletics.

At the start of the month we sent in our times/distances/ effort and then trained at least once a week, some even training three times a week for the month. The new data was then sent in and correlated.

In the Motor Activities we had students from three different classes participate in stepping, beanbag lift and small ball lift activities. They all worked so hard and as can be seen below

Orange class participants, well done girls.









Students in Green class, showing us how it’s done.


Navy class students working so hard, medals to prove it. Great effort.

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There were lots of options for all students to participate. The students in White class decided on 25m walk or run and the tennis ball throw from the Athletics Programme. Below is a wonderful video compiled by Anna – one of the SNA’s in our school showing us some highlights from White Class training.

All students in White Class made progress over the month and as a result there were many first places secured well as lots of other medals.. We are so proud of them all and as you can see they were also really proud of themselves as they stepped onto our podium to cheers and  applause from their classmates.




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