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In Green Class we have continued to water our sunflowers and watch them grow. Today we re-planted the sunflowers into larger pots. Conor collected some soil from our garden. We put the soil into the larger pots and each student helped to re-plant and water their own sunflowers. When all of green class finished re-planting their sunflowers Felix and Conan measured all the sunflowers………..And the results are, Garbhán is still in first place at 33cms, Anita’s sunflower measures 31cms, Ben’s flower is doing well at 28 cms, Séan and Linda’s are growing well and both measure 27cms, Conan has been watering his at lunch time and his sunflower is doing great at 26cms, Felix and Geraldine Fowley’s measures 26cms each, Geraldine Kelly’s measuers 22 cms and last but by no means least is Conor’s sunflower measuring 19cms and with all the laughing and chatting that Conor does in class next weeks measurement could be very different watch this space!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to St Cecilia's School. Based in Sligo, we offer education to students with Special Educational Needs. From Autism to SPLD. As a school, we regularly provide updates for parents through our blog. If you have a question or would like more information, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

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