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Short Course – Grow it, Cook it, Eat it

Navy Class have started our 100 hour short course for Junior Cycle at Level 2.  We are in the process of planting fruits and vegetables, to make a meal for our families in the summer term.  There’s a lot of growing and planning and planting to do before then. We have already worked on the following areas:

Strand 2: Growing the Plants

What plants need to grow


1.3      Experiment with different growing conditions

How to prepare a seed bed or tray

2.1 Prepare a seed tray or pot and handle the seed correctly

2.2 Describe strategies to protect the seed from the elements

2.3 Assemble equipment needed and dig the ground to prepare     seed drills

Caring for plants

2.4 handle the seedlings and “pot on”

2.5 Plant the seedlings in prepared beds

2.6 Care for the plants and keep the beds free from weeds

2.7 water and feed the plants

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