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Orange Class have been engaging in a variety of sensory activities surrounding the theme of food.

In SPHE, we are covering: Myself – Taking Care of My Body (Show an awareness of familiar foods; and Show an awareness of what keeps the body healthy and well).

We experienced food through a variety of multi-sensory activities:

  • We explored real fruits and vegetables through touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.
  • We actively explored the difference between oats and custard before and after water was added.
  • We made prints with paint using a variety of vegetables.
  • We listened to the story ‘The Silly Waiter’ told through Lámh signs.
  • We matched real foods to their pictures.
  • We sorted real foods into sweet and savory.

As part of SPHE we are also covering ‘Myself – Growing and Changing – (Showing awareness of the care needed by small babies’). We all had a turn feeding the baby!

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