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Our Drama PLU was in full swing on the lead up to Christmas.  Pink class were fantastic at filming a music video to celebrate the season for our level 1 learning programmes (L1LPs) in their Junior Cycle.  We learned about:

5.21 Explore and react to props, costumes, actions and sensory stimuli in a dramatic context

5.22 Participate in the re/telling of contemporary/ historical/cultural events or stories through interactive games and/or dramatic activities

5.23 Show an awareness of being part of an acting group

5.24 Co-operate or work alongside/in parallel with others in making, choosing and using props, costumes and sets

5.25 Work independently or collaboratively to produce a rehearsed piece of drama for an audience

We hope you enjoy watching our music video.  We will post an updated link after we have received our MTV Music award!!!

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