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The staff and pupils of St Cecilia’s School have applied for their fourth green flag award. The theme for this topic is travel.

As you visit St Cecilia’s School you will see three green flags blowing proudly in the wind. These flags were awarded by An Taisce for our efforts in recycling, reducing our energy consumption and conserving water.

Since we started our travel theme, we have new members on our Green School Committee, Ben, Jenny and Steven.

  • We have carried out an environmental review.
  • We are using our travel action plan.
  • We are doing curriculum work around travel.
  • We have had an assembly to choose our travel green code and to learn how to cross the road safely.

Some positive steps we have taken under our travel theme:
93% of students come to school by bus or walking.
Each month staff car pool or cycle or park ‘n stride.
We have held WOF days (Walk on Fridays).
We have held a COW days (Cycle on Wednesday).
10 staff members own and use a bicycle, 6 of these bicycles have been bought in the last year.
2 classes have used public transport for going on community outings.
Pupils have done art work on travel.
Junior Green School Committee have worked in groups, making books about different forms of travel.
Students have used he interactive whiteboard to look at fun ways to travel ie walking, running, cycling, bus, boat, balloon aeroplane and gliding.
Class posters have been produced to help promote sustainable travel.
Two Travel Action Days have been held.
Assemblies have been conducted on the Safe Cross Code.
Walking trains have been carried out around the school.


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