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Red Class students have had a busy Spring term working on the topic of ‘Growing’. We had a whole half-term of getting our hands dirty! In week 2 we planted our herb garden. Maria loved the smell of the herbs and lifted the plants right up to her nose. She was even tempted to have a taste of them too!
Mark was much happier to smell them from a distance and use his hands to touch and feel the different textures of the herbs. When we finished exploring the herbs with our senses we got a big container of compost and started filling up our window box. This was a tiring job and Mark was exhausted by the end. Karl helped us place the herbs in the window box and pat down the compost. When our herb garden was all planted and looking good, we filled up the watering can and gave it a good soak. Jack was very good and reminding us to water our herb garden every day.

In week 4 we went shopping in the garden centre in the NCF store in Sligo. We looked at many different types of flowers and finally decided to buy bright colourful flowers.
The following week we decorated teracotta pots using our fingers, paintbrushes and sponges. When they were dry we sealed them so they would be ready for the unpredictable Irish weather.
Finally this week we potted our plants in to our colourful pots and brought them home to our families.

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