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We finished our Colour Theme this week. We worked our way through the rainbow, exploring colour in many different ways and having fun with lots of messy activities. We made a colour arc each week and built a beautiful rainbow collage.
Next week it’s all about green fingers as we begin our theme of Growing. 1FEACB4D-C58A-4ACC-9123-35B35F2737EA B841D42D-FE3A-41E7-B12E-0242809BADA3 BDEEF34B-ECCA-423A-976D-C6BCB7BDF8D7 C2BA3B56-3B16-4A4F-8A5C-5B02B283C413 E5CC5E34-D956-45FE-8083-66F076FEE622 08EC4C7D-2A1A-45FD-9FF0-26F0CDF70785 042E0140-1900-4FA3-854B-977A8D1B4526 3F9718E6-24BC-46F4-A716-16217832ED5D 1D607378-6200-4BC6-A841-748BA09D802C

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Welcome to St Cecilia's School. Based in Sligo, we offer education to students with Special Educational Needs. From Autism to SPLD. As a school, we regularly provide updates for parents through our blog. If you have a question or would like more information, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

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