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St. Cecilia’s School have undertaken a new project based upon an initiative developed by Joyce Epstein.  The ATP is a collaboration by the National Parents Council and the IPPN, with the main objective of better outcomes for students, achieved through community working together on agreed activities. We have put together a small committee of teachers, parents and community representatives who have an interest in our school and examined developments and improvements that we can make  together.

Our joint parent/staff initiative to produce an audio book for Christmas was a great success, with it getting in excess of 100 views so far on YouTube – we might consider another for World Book Day in March if we get the interest?

Our targets this term include getting our healthy eating programme up and running.  We will be starting “Food Dudes” after our mid term break and senior students have designed posters to encourage all to bring a healthy snack on “Fruity Fridays”.  The staff and the ATP committee are joining in too.

We have begun to develop our gym to be more functional and are looking for any ideas anyone would like to contribute.  Look out for another update next month!


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Welcome to St Cecilia's School. Based in Sligo, we offer education to students with Special Educational Needs. From Autism to SPLD. As a school, we regularly provide updates for parents through our blog. If you have a question or would like more information, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

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